Well and Tree 2020

The theme for the 11th Anniversary of Well & Tree Gathering 2020


When we think of circles, we often consider the shape: round and unbroken. But what does a circle mean to you? Are they joined? Kind of spiralling through space and time?

Circles can mark cycles, such as the turning of the Wheel through the various festing gatherings held on the lands of Raven’s Knoll. Circles can highlight our community bonds. Circles can carve the passing of information, knowledge and lore from person to person, through generation to generation. Consider your Web of Wyrd…how do you view your place with kith and kin, actions and deeds, activities and events within its structure?

The circle of life and death, of planting and harvest, of this beautiful green and blue orb we call Midgard…. Welcome to an open-to-all, low-key gathering to honour Her Holy Mother Nerthus, Primal Mother Goddess, with kin and kith to celebrate our intentions for the year ahead. Also, cooking food under the earth…a pathway of a cycle steeped in history…and yummy, yummy goodness.