What happens during the weekend

More details to come, but for now:

Friday, people show up and set up camp.  The Vé is prepared for Nerthus.  There is a communal fire at the key stone firepit ( the central hearth of the weekend ).

Saturday, the folk wake slowly and find their coffee. Then we socialize and go to workshops, prepare for Nerthus by decorating the cart and and donning ceremonial wear, then the Procession of Nerthus, followed by more workshops ( including the preparation of the Bread man ), followed by the Bardic in the evening at the Keystone fire.

Sunday, their are more workshops in the morning.  In the afternoon,  the procession returns Nerthus after thanking her for visiting with us, sacrifices are left at the Sacred Well.  More gathering around the Fire in the evening.

Monday, the decorations are taken down, the The Vé is dismantled, and people start packing to go home.