Well and Tree 2018

Of Earth and Well, of Birch and Bog

The celebration of the annual procession of Nerthus! Folk of the community gather in common honouring of Her Holy Mother Nerthus.  We gather is peace and community, without arms, in a low-key weekend.  We seek to reconnect with the land, each other, and our Faith.  We open the festival season, tying in the end of last season to keep the cycle going.  All in a festival centered on Holy Mother Nerthus.

The main event and rituals involve the Procession of Nerthus and establishment of her Vé.  The Vé is prepared for He arrival near the standing stone of the ancestors.  Then at the Sacred well, we escort Her cart, and prepare the way.  Then the people begin the procession following the ceremonial Oxen cart around the knoll to her Vé.  Meanwhile, those not in the procession watch and cheer like the villagers of old.  At the Vé, Mother Nerthus is set into her Vé and welcomed back to the land.  Over the weekend the folk have the opportunity to enter the Vé and commune with Nerthus.  At the end of the festival the procession will carry Mother Nerthus back to the sacred well, along with her sacrifices.  After the Vé is brought down the folk say goodbye and head home.

During the weekend there are usually people gathered around the key stone fire pit, cooking, chatting, and gathering as a community.

Also during the weekend we will have workshops.  These are presentation by the folk.  In the past workshops have included carving, rune making, historical presentations, and spiritual workshops.  By the folk, for the folk!

The making of the Sacrificial Bread Man is a big event.  People gather around the out door, wood fired, bread oven and add personal missives to small bits of bread to go with the bread man as sacrifices to Nerthus.  The bread man takes the place of other sacrifices that were historically made.

A communal meal cooked in a Traditional Pit Cooking method occurs Saturday.  There is usually a small extra fee to cover the food.  The foods include meats, root vegetables, and more cooked in a traditional Pit cooking method.

Saturday Night we gather around the Key stone fire and have an intimate Bardic.  The folk are encourages to get up and perform songs, stories, poetry, and even interpretive dance ( though that last is more of a… wish ).  It is a good time to bond and laugh with good friends and family.  Participants are rewarded with a small token.

Of this helps us to reconnect to the land, the festival season, and the community.

By the folk, for the folk.